Our public relations work

Since its foundation, the AG Keramik has continuously informed the professional public about important results and current projects concerning the topic of "all-ceramic restorations".

Our most important events include:

  • The annual awarding of the "All-Ceramics Research Prize" to scientists, dentists and interdisciplinary teams, together with dental technicians;
  • The Ceramics Symposium, which AG Keramik organizes every year together with a scientific society;
  • The worldwide unique quality assurance study "Ceramic Success Analysis" (CSA), in which practicing dentists anonymously disclose the results of their all-ceramic restorations and can view the comparative data (mean values) of all study participants;
  • The work of the regional quality circles, in which dentists in private practice meet sporadically under the guidance of a moderator from AG Keramik and discuss their restoration results;
  • The analysis and evaluation of clinical reports on the use of all-ceramics for conservative and prosthetic restorations;
  • To support and promote all-ceramic restorations in the professional community and to represent them as a proven therapeutic solution to the public;
  • The participation in scientific statements of professional societies on all-ceramic restoration, e.g. together with the DGZMK (German Society for Dental, Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine);
  • The dissemination of the international standard work "All-Ceramics at a Glance" (German, English, French, Japanese, Korean) for dentists as basic knowledge for successful all-ceramic restorations;
  • The initiation and dissemination of practice-oriented information through publications in print and electronic media for dentists, dental technicians and patients.