We offer journalists information on the following topics:

Dental and dental technology topics:

  • Inlays and onlays made of silicate ceramics
  • Crowns and bridges made of oxide ceramics
  • Clinical evaluations of all-ceramics
  • Quality assurance study in dental practices
  • Aesthetics made to measure - economic efficiency of ceramics
  • Preparation technique for all-ceramic restorations
  • Digital technology and CAD/CAM procedures
  • Chairside and labside restoration techniques
  • Biological compatibility
  • Implant prosthetics
  • All-Ceramic Research Award - Topics and Award Winners
  • Topics at the Ceramics Symposium

Topics for the general media and the public:

  • Esthetics with all-ceramics
  • Veneers change tooth shape and color
  • What to do about tooth discoloration and unsightly tooth shapes?
  • The invisible crown
  • What do patients want?
  • Ceramics are economical and clinically proven

For information on the topics mentioned above, or if you need photos of all-ceramic restorations and diagrams for your reports - do not hesitate to contact us.